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Association: - Laughter makes healthy, - often bittersweet joy. Question: - Must I suffer to be happy?

medicine wheel:

Key words: Humor, - ease, - blessedness, - heart, - trick artist, - Verwirrer, - holy, - ceremony. Description: The clown is one of the additional symbols of the medicine wheel if it comes as a stone or maps set to the use, - he is assigned to the southern quarter of a circle and stands for humor. The clown was a holy being for many people close to the earth. He teaches to take and the life not too seriously, but with humor - also if it concerns "holy" moments. He plays an important role in many ceremonies. General meaning: Humor, - absence are tricked by humor, - blessedness,-. Association: The sadness of the clown, stupid person. Transcendent meaning: A trick artist, - Zweiseitigkeit. Is careful if the clown appears in your dreams, - what he requests you to, exactly the right thing, but just as well exactly the wrong can be. Clowns teach you to trust in your intuition.


Shape between laughter and wines, - the feeling of the insecurity (can be also interpreted sexually). The clown is the desire-related figure of the own I which should remind us, however, of the reverse of the life, to the end of all things. Clown is interpreted partially as a tip to edged out insecurity, inhibitions and feeling of inferiority which leads to the fact that one itself of others to the fool make makes or even it makes, - in it has to go worked, partly with the help of a psychotherapist if the psychic disturbance from own strength is not to be mastered. Maybe is also expressed in the clown that one deviates from the norm, is mocked for it maybe even. However, it can also be that the clown appears as a token for the fact that the dreaming tries be to hide true I behind a mask, to simulate something to his environment. To be able to interpret closer the dream, one must pay attention to the actions of the clown or also on it, as the dreaming stands to him. Old dream books see in the clown now and then the announcement of a forthcoming honouring. The women who see themselves in the role of the clown are the typical Funny-Girl: Always so wittily and nicely as only possibly - done by the fear to be allowed to load even anyhow nobody because one is punished, otherwise, immediately with dear denial.



  • see: false statements bring only momentary success,
  • be: you will become ridiculous.

(European ones).:

  • uncertainty, fear of mockery and feeling of own inferiority, - also: Participation in frivolous relations,
  • even one be: find with his friends no understanding, means that to us other people hold for simple-minded, - in close future find out deep degradation and between humiliated eke out the existence,
  • a bad clown: somebody whom you hold for trustworthy plays a bad double dealing with you,
  • sader: somebody is close to you, will not take seriously your intentions.

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