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medicine wheel:

Key words: Skies, - earth, - extinguish, - clean, - moon of the returning frogs. Description: The copper silicate Chrysokoll, the mineral totem in the moon of the returning frogs (from the 20th of April to the 20th of May) to Born, is settled in colour between green tones and blue tones. Chrysokoll sticks on the tongue - in contrast to the turquoise which can look very similar, - in this manner both minerals are often distinguished. Chrysokoll is able to clean all levels of your being and to support in it you, to create a balance between the elements earth and sky (air), in you as well as outside from you. General meaning: Balance, - cleaning, - beauty, - jewellery. Association: - Transcendent meaning: Gift of the connection, - understanding of both elements earth and sky (air).

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