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Christmas tree


For most people the Christmas tree is connected with the image of festivity, hence, he symbolises in the dream the emphasis of a certain period. However, maybe he also announces a fresh start. In addition, the Christmas tree can show a time of the Gebens or the ability to be glad about a present. Christmas tree should announce a glad meeting of the family after old dream books and it maybe comes to the reconciliation of informal conflicts or idiom in another long tormenting or discouraging thing to the better.


At the spiritual level the Christmas tree is the tree of the rebirth and immortality because he is evergreen.



  • see: Family luck, - sign of a forthcoming joy, - announces the reunion with somebody which one has not seen long.

(European ones).:

  • see decorated and in the bright light: if a big present or also joy announces in the family,
  • stand before one: are glad about a long-desired reunion,
  • more burning: one should watch out for inattentiveness,
  • chop: there threatens evil.


  • a reunion with good people.

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