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Champagne (champagne) stands often for a happy event which will be, however, only from short duration, even if it still began so hopefully. Maybe the subliminal need is expressed in it also, from a festival-added life order which restricts too strongly to break out now and again once, to experience an adventure. Above all who would like to enjoy in the dream spiritual drinks - particularly as drinks the sparkling sparkling wine - the life without thinking of the morning. Who drinks only champagne in the dream, his longing for affection and tenderness betrays with it.



  • drink: do not build too firmly on your happy relations,
  • care before Übermäßigkeit and extravagance, - your issues are higher than your income, - danger!

(European ones).:

  • unsteady life, a lot of pleasure, - loyalty break, unstableness.
  • see: Luck of short duration, - unhappy omen for dear affairs,
  • only
  • drink: one finds in his surroundings no understanding,
  • drink in society: tells a happy pastime in,
  • break a champagne bottle: a stormy experience tells itself in.
(See also alcohol)

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