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It is normally understood as a warning, - above all it points out to the fact that one wants to make it from internal insecurity to all people right and one fails, however, and has to expect from other no thanks. Also unstableness and unreliability is often expressed in the animal. Now and then a chameleon points to the wrong, unreliable, excessively conformist friends whom it may not count though consciously nastily with mine, but on one also not too much. If it is fed in the dream and is maintained, one should practice more self-criticism and take care of more strength of character. If it is rejected against it, one has the need to develop and to live with his people in bigger harmony.



  • Trusting to nobody, one wants to deceive you.

(European ones).:

  • seeing you your darling with a chameleon in the rope, she will turn out unworthy of your trust if she sees somewhere else better chances. Chameleon deception and rise ordinarily symbolise, also at the expenses of more different.
  • One will get to do it with a freakish person who will make to a lot of annoyance. One avoids his nearness.
(See also animals) Camera obscursa


(European ones).:

  • you is observed.

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