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Association: - Demonstration of power, - parade. Question: - Which power is to be shown I am ready?


(European ones).:

  • hineinsteigen: Joy, luck.
(See also vehicles) Cafè


The Cafè symbolises the relaxation, the spare time and the rest in the dream. Partially it is connected by dreaming also with the meaning luxury or holidays. Cafè stands sometimes as a symbol for the different parts of the personality which meet here as it were, - one can see in it the request to strive for more self-knowledge, so that one connects the different aspects Even with each other and lives internal harmony more happily. However, maybe the Cafè also warns about too much superficial sociability or a happy-go-lucky conduct which damages to own call. In the Cafè one searches suggestion and contacts. Even who sits alone there with pleasure and rather entrenches behind a newspaper, takes part, nevertheless, passively in this playful-non-binding atmosphere of the arrival and walking (and enjoyment). Thus the dream is also to be understood: One is with pleasure in the middle of the (pleasant) events and keeps out, nevertheless, according to desire and mood.



  • you searches dear pleasure and will find him.

(European ones).:

  • see or visit: Unwisely friendship to people maintains who are hostilely minded to you in reality, - particularly women intrigue against your morality and your possession, - also: if a pleasure with ladies promises, or among ladies,
  • sit in one: one will be made spend his time with idleness.
(See also coffee)

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