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She is mostly as a serious tip to understand to the fact that one adapts himself too strongly to the ruling norms, rules, morality images and fashions, is thereby restricted and is hindered, - the exact meaning is clear only individually. Practical conclusions should be always drawn from such an examination. Now and again the symbol also points on excessive idealism up to the fanaticism which one must normalise to avoid difficulties in the life.



  • Dreaming one, he would be owned by a demon, he will learn from the prince of good and live long. If one sees in the dream a demon, without this possession of him seizes, he will direct to the imperial minister a petition, - the demon appeals to him, he will find with the imperial hearing.
  • are hit by a demon or maniacs prophesied fright and punishment of sides of the prince or a high-ranking.
  • to dream, one hits a demon or maniac and overpowers him, is not possible for arms, but only for high man, - then this will tread down his opponent and overcome.


  • Dreaming of the emperors, he would be owned before all people or in the church by a demon, he will take pleasure and a long life and celebrate victory and triumph about his enemies, - a man of low state will be raised by the prince and find out good from all people because the people show maniacs normally compassion.
  • Seeming it the emperor, a demon torments him, without other note it, he will reflect on dark machinations against his enemies, overcome them and put through his will, - an easy man will come to wealth, him hide, and this will not come to light, - a woman will give to a son the life who will enjoy among the people high esteem.

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