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Association: - small rewards, - temptation. Question: - Do I agree what is important to me?


Sweets also belong in the reality to the small joys of the life. In the dream they symbolise the pleasure ability, the sensory joys and the luxury. Indeed, they can also embody the fastidiousness and extravagance of the dreaming. Who eats sweet, longs for love, for union. But sweets sometimes also taste bitterly what could point to annoying in our love relationships. Now and then this vision also concludes by a sweet secret. For such an interpretation other symbols are to be pulled up.



  • eat: one wants to entice you into the love,


    you draw the attention of
  • All kinds of sweets to the fact that you could pay a too high price for the desired luxury. They threaten to mistake earthly goods and real luck with each other, go hunting after wrong values - and would do better to search your luck in the easy, natural and true to life. (Woman
+ / man +)

(European ones).:

  • peace and luck in domestic matters,
  • produce: one will make good profits,
  • eat: Signs to the coming pleasure and happy, sociable experiences,
  • freshly crunchy ones eat: there stand to a lot of comfort and a lot of love in the house,
  • harsh tasting ones: are an illness omen, - problems could grow over the head,
  • receive a bag of sweets: one tries to wrap somebody with flatteries,
  • sweets: a good sign, - in spite of some disappointment one makes headway, after all, well on his way.


  • one flatters you,
  • candy eats: too much pleasure and not enough productive work.
(See also food, sugar)

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