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Surrealistic dreams


Most dreams contain any surrealistic element - they scoop from worlds which our mind can paint in the alert state neither to itself, nor understand. Nevertheless, surrealistic dreams are important, - they speak in metaphors to us and are mostly difficult to indicate. The strange surrealistic dream worlds which sometimes envelop us are very important for us because they show a part of our personality which asks for expression and freeing. When from 1920 the surrealists founded own painting style, her pictures showed impossible worlds in which watches melt, trains from the chimney appear and a man who looks in a mirror, not his face, but sees his back of the head. These painters showed us with visual means pictures from the country of the dreams where such things are quite 'normal. How do we find access to the understanding of such dreams which often have nothing to do apparently with the reality? The first step in this direction could be to take them literally. If one dreams that a clock melts, this can mean that the time itself melts away and one does not make the best maybe from it. If one sees own back of the head in the dream mirror, one should maybe check in his personality or his awake life aspects which are evident not directly which one must see clearly, however, and understand. Even if the statements of a surrealistic dream may be recognizable what we should start with the whole image sequences which apparently have no sense? They belong certainly to the dreams whose interpretation is difficult for us, and often they also reveal if they are analysed, her meaning only after substantial amount of work involved. A proven method which helps in such cases consists in asking itself for help with these dreams. If one does not get on with the interpretation first, one should say dream-I the next evening shortly before falling asleep with firmness: 'I have not understood the dream of the last night, - please give me a tip.' Then though very often one does not dream the same, but a parallel in addition (this way is open to one with every 'difficult' dream). To find another method, the sense of a surrealistic dream or to discover in it at least the main symbols, it is to take a pencil, themselves subjoin to think of the dream and to scrawl. The scribblings will show - completely without own closing - a relation to the dream. The so resulted pictures sometimes deliver a clue for the interpretation of the dream. Of course one can simply also reject a difficult dream. But then often it is exactly this dream which one cannot fathom which pursues to a meets are, weekly are and even for months and presses so long, until one understands him. Then the dream mostly contains an important message. Many psychologists think that there are no pointless dreams, hence, it is worthwhile, also longer in a dream which bothers to one to work. If, nevertheless, dreams really disturb, it is probably to be taken up the best, professional help.

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