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In general:

In particular cases she requests, a problematic matter for which one himself is responsible for getting through with all consequences, even if this is still so difficult and painful. Poured soup is a tip to missed opportunities. To slurp a soup, points to difficulties in the social contact.


A powerhouse for the dreamer if he scrapes clean them with appetite. If he eats them only with overcoming, he must scrape clean in the awake life probably the soup which he has crumbled to itself. Then he hardly is at the height, which is why he rest best of all sometimes, vacation should make. If one cooks to his partner a little soup, one wants to persuade him probably of own art of love.



  • see: one will reach an old age, - also: a pleasant surprise stands in the house,
  • cook: one collects voices against you,
  • oversalt: you are in love,
  • eat: you wait for your luck,
  • tells to eat: Moderation can be only useful to you, - one should handle with a superior a little more carefully,
  • cooled ones eat: one watches out for much too hasty love affairs,
  • spoon: you have crumbled to you something which you must finish now.

(European ones).:

  • if one does not love soup, it symbolises the consciousness to have to scrape clean something up to the bitter end, - otherwise: good health, luck and well-being, - speculations will produce good results, - herald of good news and certain worry freedom,
  • see, prepare or eat: promises carefree days,
  • others see eating: one has many good chances to marry,
  • cook: if a small festivity,
  • promises
  • of sweet milk drink prepared oyster soup: there are misfortune-blest set-tos which can be added, nevertheless,
  • take turtle soup to himself: one finds at the expenses of other pleasure in a common intrigue,
  • eat buttermilk soup: one will have to fight with Widerwärtigkeiten and illnesses, - quarrel lies in the air, - now long-standing friendship can break,
  • Brühsuppe: if is a good sign and is valid for sick people as a recovery, for healthy good shops,
  • Whom a young woman soup cooks, it will not be made, - do low works in the household, because she marries a rich man.


  • eat: your luck returns again,
  • cook: your luck is dubious,
  • oversalt: one will want to involve you in a quarrel, - frustration.
(See also cooking, meals, food)

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