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Mostly the broom appears in his real function, namely as a cleansing instrument and then means that the dreaming should solve a problem or settle a situation. Who holds a broom in the hand and sweeps with it, would like to create in own camp order and escape probably from annoying mental influence and overcome obstacles. The broom sometimes also does not warn about wrong friends and counsellors, which well with mine. A new broom sweeps (also in the dream) well, - he can point out to the fact that we make old person forgotten with a new idea. Broom can be also understood as a Sexual (phallus) symbol and indicate neglected sexual needs. In foreign hands brooms are comparably with those of the witches who ride on them at the whale pure G sharp night on the block mountain and do there her dreadful state of affairs: One wants to begin quarrel with us or take in us anyhow. One should take seriously this warning and watch out for the male and female witches and her Kehrkünsten.



  • see: Quarrel and quarrel in the house, - you will reject nuisances,
  • have a new one: wrong friends,
  • an old one: one see again with old friends,
  • shop: bad servants,
  • hold: Something is not right. Watch that everything comes to order, otherwise the bad results are inevitable.
  • put in the corner: you lose your position,
  • ride on it: Plague you not with superstitious crickets,
  • see turning with it: one should be anxious to fix his matters, - one would save to himself frustration,
  • sweep with it: one knows how to protect himself from Widerwärtigkeiten, - also: Now you lose the patience and clear up. You are right and it is high time. Now slowly everything will stand there again in other happy light.
  • broomstick: One threatens you. Is not intimidated. You are in the right and the success will prove it.

(European ones).:

  • see there and then: Luck, win in the lottery or inheritance,
  • generally old ones see: if brings traffic with disagreeable people, - you take before wrong friends in eight,
  • generally new brooms: Thrift and improvement of your situation, - mean traditionally them to luck, - also: good times lie before an one and good chance should be seized,
  • for or him outdoors is kept (garden broom): one should deal with things which do not deal directly with one,
  • an unused one: if an important matter announces, the big application will demand, - with more assurance one will be able to master the thing, nevertheless, fast and well,
  • trip over it: Miss's brightness at own home has,
  • sweep with it: what one himself can easily procure, may not remain lying or other will leave, - happy overcoming of obstacles,
  • see turning with it: one should soon fix all his matters, otherwise threatens frustration,
  • more broken: if insecurity or mistrust reveals towards a friend,
  • without bristles: one fights in tackling a new enterprise,
  • to somebody with a broom go hunting: an astonishing turn to the better will enter,
  • it becomes
  • Losing a woman the brooms, a disagreeable wife and slovenly in the household.


  • one will bother you, does not hear on the silly,
  • more anew: wrong people are around you,
  • old: you will gather again with good friends,
  • sweep with it: do not hear on foreign people.

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