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In general:

The concept Scapegoat really decreases to the sacrifice of a goat to the appeasement of the gods and can have great importance as a dream symbol. If the dreaming is made in his dream for the activities of another the scapegoat, he sees himself in the role of the victim. Other people try to let pay him for her offences. This is power the dreaming even another person to the scapegoat, a sign for the fact that he is not able to take over the responsibility for his activities.


A person often takes over the load of the projections of all other members in families or groups. This person is run down constantly or teased, and one puts on her in all possible things the blame for which she is able to do nothing at all. Such a dream asks the dreaming to do something to restore the balance.


At the spiritual level the scapegoat embodies the victim which must die, so that others can live.



  • One wants to load you with another guilt.

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