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Marsh snipe

medicine wheel:

Key words: Wading, - langschnäbelig, - serving. Description: A marsh snipe is a bird who wades in the water, a long, narrow beak owns and has unbefederte legs. She lives in brooks or marshes and digs with her beak in the morass for eatable insects (larvae). Thereby she helps to ventilate the ground and to keep in check the insect flood. The travelling movement of the marsh snipes shows a balance between individualism and service in the group. Marsh snipes go in search of food during the day only, assemble about evening, nevertheless, again, around together weiterzuziehen. General meaning: Your instinct which allows to search you under the surface, hides - what you or finds. Association: - Transcendent meaning: A gift of unexpected knowledge. Wolf clan apprenticeship: Service, - clan animal of the August.

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