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The south

Association: - Carelessness, - freedom of restrictions, - relaxation. Question: - Which part of me longs for relaxation?

In general:

One can interpret the south often like Italy. In general the spiritual coinage of the action and behaviour is expressed in it, - this can be understood only individually according to living conditions.


The south is the 'direction of her longing' for many people: Symbol for the sun, warmth, spirited people and the Buntheit of the life. However, the south also means: more poverty and less security, more social wrong and less (sensible) order. Who dreams 'of the south' - what always he may also understand by it - maybe has drop-out's plans - and ours traditionally 'easily undercooled' to Central European average values (also basically) he is fed up. It pulls him in 'sunnier' regions' - with all her shadow sides.


(European ones).:

  • dream of a trip in the south or are there: a good sign for dear problems, however, not for business.
(See also directions, positions)

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