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Association: - Position, style or position. Question: - What suits me?

In general:

Chair symbolises in general the social position and the respect with others. Often he also points to the need for rest and rest which one does not find currently in the hectic rush of own life. If he resembles a throne, an honourable, high-powered office can promise after old dream interpretation.


The seat piece of furniture circumscribes - if we sit in the dream on it - the only short rests which we can allow ourselves at our work. The rest on a chair is not so comfortable just as on an armchair.



  • see: indicates at high visit, - also: you are released from your worries,
  • on one sit: one should show in a certain matter more ambition and will and not count exclusively on the ability of other people,
  • to themselves on one see sitting: one will take a good position,
  • is put before the door: mind that you do not lose your place or are dispatched in any way.

(European ones).:

  • promises that one cannot follow obligations, - one is not careful, one will lose his best Pfründe,
  • see emptying: if rest promises after trouble and work, - news of a long absent friend,
  • on one sit and at the table work: if a time tells indefatigable Mühens and striving in, - a lot of patience is demanded by one,
  • a friend see sitting without moving on one: points to his death or an illness.


  • see: you will still come to high offices.
(See also 'piece of furniture', 'footstool', 'armchair')

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