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Association: - sure passageway, - safe movement. Question: - With which means can I achieve my aim?

In general:

Steps show in the dream almost always an endeavours for success. Going up of steps points to the attempt to improve things, going down meant Dip either into the past or the unconscious.


Steps in the dream represent in general a change of the perception with a project and specifically the necessary steps. Besides, the steps stand for communication which help the dreaming.


At this level steps mean that in the spiritual development still a hierarchical structure is felt.



  • see: one expects of his senior protection, - (42, - 68)
  • rise: Your ambition brings you success:

(European ones).:

  • joy, success, all the more if you go up, all the less if you descend,
  • see: one hopes from a superior for a protection on the career leader,
  • go up: Worries are removed from hopes,
  • descend: one could find out misfortune,
  • hinabfallen: unexpected failure shakes to one in the matters.


  • state rise.
(See also stairs,' buildings')

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