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In general:

Sock (bound) often points to sexual needs which are satisfied in symbolic form in the dream. However, on a continuing basis one does not become happy with this false satisfaction, but realise the needs more.


One dresses in it the foot (see there). Covering the socks is valid for some psychoanalysts as a paraphrase of a sexual action, as a desirable picture, the Neurotiker in the awake life edge out. According to our opinion socks like shoes (see there) should make easier the progress on the life. Who carries new socks, can trust unloaded in the future. If the socks have a hole, we should mend it fast (see there), - it is synonymous with a weakness or a wrong decision which we could meet, so a reminder from the unconscious to recognise on time wrong activities. If somebody dances on socks, he maybe wants to do to us on the nose herumtanzen or us ideal harm.



  • from usual material wear: an everyday life must lead,
  • see one: a disadvantage by the prejudices of certain people find out, - also: you should make to yourself savings,
  • of silk: know how to behave elegantly,
  • red ones: Joy experience,
  • black ones: Grief get,
  • knit: one will succeed in uncovering bad machinations in his environment,
  • pull: it threaten vorrübergehend financial losses,
  • pull and, besides, tear: one has taken back a prejudice as wrong,
  • depart: an economic profit stands in house,
  • tore: one will shame you.


  • pulls to new socks, he will take new pleasure in his having and property because the socks cover the shinbones and protect.
  • red socks promise even bigger joy, - the socks from wool or with wool are fed, he will attain from a prince without trouble suitable wealth if of cotton, become well-to-do equally by a gentle house father, - silk socks show lower, but more valuable possession in.
  • Dreaming a woman, them carries socks, she will bear a son, provided that she is to good hope if not, one conceive.
  • Having one his socks lost, he will lose the biggest part of his property and get in distress and poverty.
  • illness and fear indicate
  • torn socks around money and Well.

(European ones).:

  • as a sexual symbol to understand, mostly in respect on the garter, - frequent dream, - signalled that one pulls pleasure,
  • from an unrestrained acquaintance
  • see: if an undisturbed tryst tells in,
  • clarifies new ones: Wedding or christening,
  • lose: a tryst is disturbed, or it entails worried days,
  • pull and, besides, tear: one has recognised a prejudice as wrong and should take back it now,
  • torn ones: Worries,
  • in bright colour: Grief,
  • in dark colour: Pleasure,
  • with a hole: one will lose something,
  • from wool: Wealth,
  • of silk: Difficulties,
  • knit: one will soon succeed in uncovering the bad machinations in the environment,
  • are filling: new friendship is indicated,
  • others see being filling: if is a warning of clap,
  • wearing
  • Seeing a young woman her socks ragged or, she will load by brainless, immoral behaviour guilt on herself. If she carries well decorated socks, it enjoys the attention of men, - she should well consider whom she prefers. If she prefers in the dream white socks, this prophesies a painful disappointment or a serious illness.


  • pull: you should only consider and then speak,
  • knit: you will get onto a thing,
  • see: you are shy in prejudices,
  • torn ones: you lead a bad economy,
  • silk ones: Property loss,
  • depart: Luck.

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