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  • One wants to catch you.
Straw Association: - normally, - feed. Question: - Which is the true value of my simplicity? Where do I look for internal gold?

In general:

Straw is a tip to weakness and emptiness in dreams. They know the expression 'empty straw thresh'? One wants to express with the fact that pointlessly and without mind is talked about a thing without meaning. In the same manner the dream uses the picture. They pointlessly get excited about something or hang on matters of minor importance. Want you to make way to a serious problem? Face up rather the facts. Provided that the dreaming does not see the straw in the nature, he is probably aware of a phase which is rich in experience a little and rich in contents. Partially it announces material need.


The straw not always makes in the dream gladly. If one sees it to sheaves bundled up or lying in bale, points to a laborious work whose fruits will harvest others. If one lies on straw, one hardly has to expect profits, but must economise rather. If the dreaming perceives in his dream that something is built from straw, he knows that it will have no continuance. A straw hut would indicate, as a passing construction, at the fact that the dreaming is in a passing state. He must look at this what he feels in his life as transient, and work on it.



  • see: is not too loquacious and do not waste you in unimportant matters,
  • see in bundles: promises big prosperity and success by zeal and diligence,
  • the dispersed and confused: in a wretched and desperate situation get, - also: you are discontented with your work,
  • see burning: do to themselves by fury and excitement even harm, - also: your love is not real and deep,
  • flies: Child blessing,
  • thresh: you deal with silly people,
  • scatter: you want to bring order in your things,
  • lie on it: the coming times will often turn out as sorrowfully and worried, - one will have to appear to a bad material situation.

(European ones).:

  • mostly sign for internal concern, but fearlessness in the danger, - the life is threatened by emptiness and failure, - it requires hard work to overcome the difficulties, - one wastes himself with insignificant things and should not blab out so loquaciously everything,
  • ausgedroschen see in bundles or heaps: one will be brought by others around a well-earned wage,
  • see burning: good shops,
  • burning straw bales: are a signal for productive times,
  • camp down on such or sleep or use it for this: Privations, - points to scanty times,
  • chopped see to the cattle cattle feed merchant (Häcksel): if hunger and need,
  • announces
  • give to the cattle: one will supply that which depend on one badly.


  • see: count on obstacles with your enterprises,
  • thresh the empty: you talk too much about unnecessary things,
  • see burning: give you no unnecessary troubles,
  • see flying: Child baptism,
  • in bundles: Abundance,
  • sleep on it: Poverty.
(See also hay)

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