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Bunch (bird)

In general:

Strauss admonishes not to close the eyes before the reality and her problems to form the life courageously and without illusions independently.


Ostrich feathers were justice symbols in old Egypt. They have this meaning in the dream only in the rarest cases. The dream meaning amounts rather to the saying of the 'head in the sand are'. The bunch refers to the fact that the dreaming would not simply like to admit disagreeable facts from his deliberate world or perceive.



  • see: a show-off will annoy you, - you will have quarrel and annoyance.
  • ostrich egg: big profit chances.

(European ones).:

  • freedom, quickness with the enterprises whose implementation should be better considered, however - one will accumulate in petto wealth, at the same time, however, degrading relations with women maintain, - light illness, Li> pays attention to the diet,
  • catch one: points to wide pleasure trips and constant knowledge increase.


  • see: disagreeable disturbances by strangers.
(See also 'birds')

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