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In general:

Stutter (stammerer) often registers that one can make himself only difficult to understand, - behind it there stand mostly fears and feeling of inferiority.


With non-stammerers the tip to a small indisposition of the body, - mostly one wakes after this dream with a pain (headaches?). If we meet in the dream a stammerer, somebody comes along around our health worries. By the way, dreams that who stutters in the awake life, rather of the fact that he speaks fluently.



  • or stammering with the speech: you are very unstable, - also: you will incur debts.

(European ones).:

  • believe to stutter in entertainments: if mean worries and illness,
  • others hear stuttering: thoughtless people will take her pleasure to annoy to one and to prepare for an unnecessary worry.


  • you will take over a responsibility.

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