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Association: - Denial, - Earthed. Question: With which am I ready to argue? Which freedom do I search?

In general:

Stork often expresses the wish for children, however, can symbolise also recollection of own childhood.


The stork can be in the dream a symbol for wishes for partnership, family and children. Not free of charge he brings to the vernacular after the children in the house. Nevertheless, the primary meaning of the stork in the dream is another. He embodies deep feeling strength which walks along with spiritual depth. Notions penetrate from the area of the subconscious into the consciousness. It is at the same time a sign for the mental balance of the dreaming. Who sees flying a stork, has soaringly plans as he could bring his family on a green branch. If we see his nest with or without younger generation, points less to own child blessing than on children generally with whom we deal in the everyday life or get to act.


The child bringer is a symbol of the filial love.


Cranes and storks indicate people who estimate community and living together, which is why they are in view of a community of good premeaning. The sight of cranes and storks in crowds and dreams means pushing of robbers and enemies, further they give notice if they appear in winter, storm, in summer dryness in. Individually and are separated cranes and storks in view of a trip and the return of travelling by good premeaning because they start her trip around the turn of the year and move. The stork promises excellently child blessing, because of the assistance which the boys provide to the parents. (The Fact that the stork Kindersegen promises, decreases not to the view familiar to us of the stork as a child bringer, but as Artemidor properly notes, on the image that the storks from Pietät maintain her old parents and nourish.)



    the stork a mighty and respectable person means
  • generally because the stork of nature can digest queues.
  • he will attain
  • Finding somebody a stork, joy and health after an illness.
  • Dreaming of the emperors or large-scale mighty man, he holds a tamed stork, he will find a useful man who understands something from medical art.
  • Eating of a meat of crane or stork, one will fall ill to which other respect, health and wealth attain.
  • he will get
  • Finding somebody Storchenflügel, of high-powered man suitable finances.
  • see: indicates at happy marriage and increase of the family, - also: Contact with many children,
  • on a roof sit down: the family luck will be continual,
  • on the roof: Child blessing and luck,
  • see flying: the success of your enterprise is dubious,
  • comes flown: News about a wedding,
  • flies away: you cannot shift the wedding any more,
  • Storchennest: Signs for peace and blessing of the house, - happy marriage.

(European ones).:

  • fertility symbol, - dream and longing dream,
  • see: if a baby brings in the house, - also: Presents receive,
  • see a Storchennest: in the household rules peace and harmony,
  • see standing on his nest: if means child blessing,
  • on his nest see flying: happy marriage,
  • has young storks in the nest see: one will get to act with a kindergarten, child home or such,
  • see flying away: Quarrel or incommodities.


  • on the nest: is careful, one wants to rob you,
  • see: there is the danger that you lose your friends by your behaviour,
  • see flying: your diligence will also bring to you luck,
  • hear clattering: you can calculate on the fact that you get new arrival to the family.
(See also 'birds')

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