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Association: - smaller obstacles, - clumsiness. Question: - How can I walk on my life more confidently?

In general:

Trip announces obstacles which can detain though, the success, nevertheless, do not prevent.


A little thing in our character does not seem to be in order, because if we stumble in the dream, we fall in the awake life as it were over our own feet. Tripping can also point to a mistake which one would not like to admit. The dreamer whom to itself trip, but does not see falling, probably has after the saying: 'A good Stolperer does not fall' the luck on his side.



  • you has smashed a wrong way, turns back.

(European ones).:

  • about an obstacle: Care before hostility, - one pays attention to his words, because they could injure somebody,
  • without to fall down: one will be preserved from a misfortune,
  • with the walking or running: one is met with envy, - besides, do not fall: on the way to the success there wait obstacles, - besides, fall: it must be calculated on difficulties.


  • you is about to go to ruin to a mistake.
(See also traps)

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