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Association: - natural tools or weapon, - available potential. Question: - What want I to utilise to me?

medicine wheel:

Key words: By virtue of, - leader, - way, - support. Description: A floor is a big stick or small post which, either beschnitzt or natural, ordinarily as a support with the walking, as a walking stick, is used. Floors can be also sometimes used as weapons or as symbols by authority. General meaning: What supports you, - what or whom you have supported, have taken - the way, you or which you should take. Association: Be obdurate - be stubborn or defiant, - faltered milk. Transcendent meaning: A gift which will support you in your dream work.

In general:

If in the dream a floor seems, he can show authority or male sexuality.


If it concerns, nevertheless, drumsticks, the dream can show the need for stronger self-printout.


Spiritual authority can be symbolised by a floor which helps the dreaming to lead the way further the way of the development.


It dreamt somebody, he hears somebody saying, his floor has broken. He fell ill and was paralyzed, - then the prop of the body, that is his strength and body constitution, were indicated by the floor. The same man who was embittered because of the paralysis, become chronic, and hard carried in her dreamt, his floor has broken in half again. He came presently again to forces, - then he should need no more prop.



  • The rod or the floor points to aristocratic man according to the noble kind and firmness of the wood.
  • Carrying somebody a floor or rests on him, he will make to himself an aristocrat the friend and gain respect and power.
  • Dreaming of the emperors, his floor has broken or broken into pieces, he will lose a respected, competent servant, an easy man a person whom he trusted mostly - seems to it the emperor, his floor has become decayed, the evil about the aforesaid servant will come, - accordingly the face goes out for an easy man.
  • Dreaming of the emperors, he lets somebody maltreat by a servant with the floor, he will prove to the hit favour.
  • see: Care is offered, because one also has to expect a menace, - from somebody: one will defend himself,
  • against himself see curved: one would like to patronise you,
  • rest on it: Weakness and illness,
  • look: you want to take revenge,
  • find: an enemy will overcome you or opponents want to damage to you,
  • hit with it: one fears you, but does not love you,
  • hit with it somebody: you have grown to your enemies,
  • break: Peace and unity.

(European ones).:

  • you can do down your opponents with small means,
  • see: the biggest care is offered, because one is threatened by somebody, - maybe one should defend himself with it,
  • long: is valid for unaussöhnlichen quarrel,
  • are hit with it: somebody will give a painful lesson to one.


  • find: if you do not show that you are courageous, one will not respect you,
  • rest on it: Illness,
  • strike with it: you will attain about other advantages.
(See also stick)

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