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Voice (person)

In general:

The voice is significant expression means for the person. Every person has an internal consciousness for own contemplation, can reveal them, however, sometimes hard. Often it is lighter to use the voice in the dream properly.


A voice which speaks by him or to the dreaming can mean two things. From spiritual view it concerns communications of a mind. Or, however, suppressed personality shares of the dreaming get expression in the dream by insubstantial voices. Who hears talk to himself in the dream loudly or singing, 'more hearing should get in the reality' and raise 'his voice', if to say something he (and on the heart) has.


At this level the voice of God describes the energy of the spiritual call.



  • different ones hear: News gets to know.
  • Dreaming one, his voice has become stronger and more immense, his sons will reach tallness and fill high positions, his enemies, however, in fear get. If it seems to the emperor, he plays Kithara or hears a Kitharaspieler, he will forge plans against his opponents, however, are defeated by them, - the strings of the instrument jump, the evil will meet his high dignitaries.
  • Dreaming somebody, he has become hoarse, he will be despised by his farm-hands, - a pauper will die in poverty.
  • hear: Warning before a danger.

(European ones).:

  • hear: points with quiet and melodious sounds to pleasant reconciliation,
  • screaming and furious voices: if mean disappointments and disagreeable situations,
  • sobbing voices: by sudden fury one adds to a friend injuries,
  • hear the voice of God: one will make commendable efforts to strive for unselfish and honourable principles, - one will harvest the fair esteem of high-ranking people,
  • a mother the voice of her child hears
  • : it are to grief and painful doubts to them,
  • despaired or a warning hear: or a being close a misfortune will happen,
  • recognise the voice: then it often approaches an accident or an illness which brings death or loss with itself.


  • The voice of the man and his speech mean his good call and fame in the judgment of the people.
  • to dream, one sings with melodious voice, promises happy recognition with the people, - the emperor has this dream, he will announce shortly to his people a mild order and be loved, therefore, by all. If he hears singing other with melodious and pleasant voice, he will get welcome news about the destiny of his enemies, - somebody hears reciting tragic actors, it will cost on grounds of the heard misery and pain.
  • Seeming it one, his voice has become short-winded and weak, a wretched and laborious life will approach him, - he lies with somebody in the process, he will lose him. The high military will be defeated during the war.
  • hear in general: you may hope.
(See also God and if necessary under single animal species)

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