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Association: - Fertility and strength, - rage. Question: - What does excite my passion?

In general:

A bull in the dream shows the male principle and fertility. It can also point in the kind how the dreaming handles with male sexuality. Bull symbolises distinctive masculinity and sexual power, in the broader sense energy, energy and ability of getting through.


If a bull matters in a dream, he can point to the stubbornness or stubbornness of the dreaming. Where he appears, is from unrestrained Triebhaftigkeit the speech. The bull is valid as a symbol of the lust. In old Egypt and on Crete the bull was looked as a symbol of the sun-god as a holy animal. It is a symbol for the male strength and power. Similar meaning has in the USA of the buffaloes. According to mythological stories these animals embody the clenched male energy par excellence. If this energy expresses itself, however, in the sexuality, it must be reined by the Ratio. In the bullfights which took place formerly on Crete and which there is even today in Spain and the South of France this control of the driving force was symbolised by the fact that young men on the back of the bull swung themselves and rode him, themselves in the horns sticking. Hence, the saying 'the bull in the horns also comes with certainty pack'. The plays had the symbolic sense that the youth learns to rein his desires and to become thereby only the ripe man. The dreams in which the bull plays a role have a similar meaning. Whom he takes on the horns, that can understand as a warning: His vitality is in danger, or his suppressed instinctual life seems to want to cross the borders of the permissible. Who splits before a furious bull, has in the awake life maybe fear of the loss of his vitality. If the dreamer can defeat the bull, he will stand the ground in the life '' (this can be in the usage also the woman) because he moves his excessive strength sensibly in the working life. In women's dreams the bull can be interpreted according to opinion of many psychoanalysts as a sexual wish. There, however, the bull since time immemorial here also creative, divine strength symbolised, should see one in his appearance in the dream also brilliant forces.


At the spiritual level a connection exists between bull and moon. It is a fertility symbol and is valid as a symbol of the masculinity, strength and power.


Workhorses and beasts of burden which perform though work, nevertheless, cannot be clamped, like the bulls, resemble rebels and arrogant people. A bull, particularly menacing or more pursuing, indicates quite a serious danger and menace from on the part of powerful figures if the dreaming is a pauper or slave. To sailors he prophesies storm and, if he somebody on the horns takes wreck and the sail pole is prepared terribly, - he resembles because the sail and the mast of the whole ship because of the skin and the horns. (Histokeraia = sail-weight-bearing across pole of the mast reveals the original picture meaning by itself, - the across pole right and left standing off from the mast looks like the horns of a bull.



  • you thinks of a marriage ceremony, - also: warns about recklessness,
  • are pursued by one: one is afraid of own passions,
  • be: you will lose your position.


  • He is valid as a token of the warning and as a request to prepare for a hard competition concerning Dear, but also business matters. Also it contains a recollection of the laws of the life and calls on the dreaming to receive his forces to be suited for life and ready for battle. It is a matter of appearing itself over and over again to new at the demands of the life, the demands of the everyday life. (Man

(European ones).:

  • strong old symbol for masculinity and strength, - with the man power dream, with the woman often dream,
  • see one, shop: promises a well-to-do friend or Gönner or a material advantage, - also: a warning, one should avoid every recklessness, otherwise one gets serious problems,
  • own one: introduces rich household or a material advantage,
  • one kill, slaughter are for sale or: means the loss of a well-to-do friend or Gönners or material loss by a big folly,
  • are pursued by one: is valid for loss of a loyal friend, - annoyance threatens in the business, - envious and jealous competitors make the life difficult to one with her intrigues, - one is afraid of his own passions and should learn to rein this,
  • with one fight: warns about abrupt rage and sends a reminder to the compliance,
  • she will receive
  • met a young woman in the dream a bull, a marriage proposal. Nevertheless, for her future it will be better to reject him.


  • see: small disagreeable things in the family,
  • are pursued by him: By virtue of and courage live in you, both applies and you will reach a lot,
  • see slaughtering: you will have to be content with few,
  • with long horns: there is on the alert,
  • grazing: you can hope with firmness for news.
(See also bull, labyrinth, animal, zodiac)

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