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(Stepmother) Association: - Spare food or - care. Question: - What do I find commendable and what reproachable in myself? (Stiff father) Association: - Spare authority or - guidance. Question: - What controls me? What do I provide for?


To look a stepmother, she is living or dead, brings no luck. If she rumbles, quarrels or adds to the dreaming damage, it increases the evil. If she behaves, however, decently, the evil which it arranges is more slightly. If she is to the dreaming by words and actions appealing, his hopes will be deceptive, - then a stepmother never loves the stepchild with good conscience and hearts. Thus, e.g., a painter dreamt, he gets involved with his own stepmother. He quarrelled on it with his father, - the jealousy and hostility are the result of every adultery. The stepfather means the same like the stepmother, only with less weight. Often stepfather and stepmother are the symbol of a life away from home and the resignation of the native country, - father and mother of the native country, stepfather and stepmother resemble because against it the stranger.



  • get in hard distress, - also: you are well taken up in a foreign house.

(European ones).:

  • mother or father: if means misfortune or disturbance of the life expiry,
  • dream of disturbances by step-parents if this is not the case in reality: one will have to submit to the mood of a stranger willy nilly.


  • does not strive for wrong shine,
  • you strives for wrong luck.

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