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Association: - By virtue of the movement, - robustness. Question: - For which form of the strength or power do I look?

In general:

Generally boots are to be interpreted like shoes. Especially bulky 'Knobelbecher' point to a rather crude person who distributes immense steps to assert itself thoughtlessly.


Who draws the boots in the dream, wants to come 'to movement' - and this rather energetically and as quickly as possible.



    then you get rid of
  • Arming you with energy, your opponents soon,
  • new ones: indicate at a present,
  • old ones: Frustration and obstacles.

(European ones).:

  • in general they stand for loyal colleagues,
  • high with shaft see: tells an unwieldy way in,
  • pull: announce a small trip,
  • new comfortable ones carry: stands for luck in business matters, - moneymakers get more wage, - one can count on his employees,
  • depart: if bring annoyance and frustration,
  • old, worn or pressing ones: if illness and traps predict,
  • torn ones: indicate at need and worry,
  • other with boots see: one is completely covered by the affection of own treasure.


  • pull: you are humiliated, - you must appear as firm.
(See also shoes)

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