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Tax (finances, steering wheel)

In general:

Taxes in the everyday life are that money which is drawn off to the earning citizen if he wants to be a full-entitled member of the society. If the dreaming must pay taxes in his dream, this refers in a sort of punishment for the life-style which he has selected to himself. Tax (delivery) can indicate at losses or dependence.


Taxes are the external sign for the wish to belong for company. If it is in a dream about the road tax, the dreaming must stronger take care to make other progress. However, the payment of income tax allows the end that he has the feeling to be guilty the society a little. If the dreaming pays a local rate in the dream, the supposition is obvious that he has the impression, he must pay for the 'space' in which he lives. If the dreaming refuses to pay his taxes, this symbolises his opposition against conformance.


At the spiritual level refers every tax which is drawn in the dream, on the fact which setting to the work has for something bigger or to the municipality the dreaming. The person must take over for the universe in which he lives the responsibility.



  • pay: you must fulfil a disagreeable obligation.

(European ones).:

  • must pay, an assessment notice receive or in any way with the tax authority deal: one will feel it soon as bitter, that not be one own and free man is,
  • taxes pay: one becomes a bad influence which can refuse to a surrounded,
  • if the others which pay own: one will be made ask his friends for help,
  • cannot pay: one will be fruitless in ventures.


  • pay: you become a respectable man (a highly respected woman).
(See also car)

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