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Association: - Spring of light or brightness, - the spiritual awake. Question: - Where in my life I am ready to let shine my light?

medicine wheel:

Key words: The distant sun, - point of light, - warmth, - guidance, - a mark. Description: Stars are far away heavenly bodies which we perceive at night as small points of light. The stars of the night sky have shown the direction to old cultures and have stated a lot about the people who lived in these cultures. To certain star groups were given names which were connected with legends which made these incomprehensible points of light in the night sky clearer to the person. Some trunks close to the earth speak of the stars as the star nation. Sun Bear has seen in his visions often stars which animated the earth in this time of the changes. General meaning: Your relation to the infinite secret of the universe, - your look at things beyond the earth direct. With the dreams in which stars seem you should always pay attention to their appearance, constellation as well as to all the other signs, because this will support you to understand your dream. Association: Infinity. Transcendent meaning: Guidance in the Überwelt, - a gift of the star nation.

In general:

The person has always reached for the stars - in the graphic like direct sense. A dream in which one observes the night sky and plans maybe even interplanet ares or even interstellar trip points out to the fact that one has the ambition to bring it in his area very far. If one dreams of a single bright star and the attempt to reach this or to catch, one probably really pursues the wish 'to catch' somebody. Sparkling stars announce luck in the love, cloud-overcast often warn about misfortune and disappointments. If stars of the sky fall down, points after the Indian dream writing 'Jagaddeva' to an illness which will soon come to the outbreak.


If a star or star sky appears in the dream, are these pictures for confidence, faith, hope and light. Often it is expressed with the fact that the dreaming reflects on himself. They illuminate the night of the unconscious and release with it the look at the next life aim. Star symbolises in general also the striving for higher sighting and ideals, - the warning can be connected not to reach too ambitiously for the stars. Who sees a starry sky in the vision, to that the stars stand favorable.


The star is signs and bringers of the light.


It dreamt somebody, a star falls down from the sky and another climbs from the earth to the sky. This was it of somebody house slave. On it his man died, - now he was of the faith to be free and without man, however, had to resign itself to the son of his former man whose slave he became compulsive. The falling down star meant the death of his man, which to the sky climbing up, however, his son who should supervise him from now on and command.



  • Seeming it to one as if he has power about all stars he will get all people in his power and, if he is able of it, her ruler become, - he has only about a part of the stars power, borders will have moved to his rule.
  • Dreaming one, he leads, orders and steers the stars, he will get of the sovereign emperor authority about the people according to the duration and ordering the stars. Consumes to stars, he will destroy so many people as he has eaten stars, - he devours the stars without chewing them, unusual people will come to his house and operate friendly with him.
  • The darkening of the stars also means seizure of money and property to the dreaming, - he is a malefactor, the people will let him twice for his misdeeds atone.
  • see one: However, Li> advises at the same time the care signs for a situation good in itself, towards enemies,
  • many see: of a happy future go towards, - one sees them to pictures regular, they indicate at luck in the lottery,
  • close occupied star sky: points to many-sided possibilities and pieces of luck, only one should not pin up his aims to, - (42, - 46)
  • see flashing: a glad message is on the way,
  • see falling: Luck and success,
  • in the Milky Way: Child blessing.

(European ones).:

  • expansion of the life aims, own plans become more varied,
  • see one: Somebody would want your friendship. One gives him no brush-off, he will prove himself as a friend.
  • see: if the success of some big enterprises,
  • announces
  • in the sky see: good news will soon arrive,
  • the sight of the wide star sky means a shining future, - one will have quite a lot of possibilities and also pieces of luck are likely if one does not pin up his aims and plans to,
  • to make clear to luminous stars look up: meant health and prosperity,
  • cloudily and red: it approaches an annoyance,
  • clearly see before one: one should listen in to his internal voice, because she will lead the destiny, - a good possibility stands out, however, towards enemies one should be very careful,
  • on falling: there will be in the family a bereavement,
  • in mysterious manner appearing and vanishing: there will soon be strange changes,
  • to itself around the earth rotary: if a sign is for danger,
  • see a starless sky: Warning before an accident or a sign for non-notable internal guidance by which one is now on the wrong life.


  • see sparkling: you have luck in the love,
  • in the cloud sky see analyzing: you will be injured by the lies of your people in your honour,
  • many see: a lot of luck.
(See also stars, geometrical figures, meteor, moon)

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