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In general:

In the dream the death in all manifestations is always a tip to a new period of life. Finally you must leave behind something from your past now, so that you can devote yourselves unloaded to new duties or people. If this event meets you, it is only natural that it appears in the form of final agony. It should clearly bring forward to you the happy or serious situation which comes up to you, as soon as you have realised the concrete responsibility. Thus you will meet all situations with rest and determination.


The death in the dream is according to opinion of some psychoanalysts the wish to take revenge for somebody whom one hates and would like to glide, therefore, from his life. With being close this hatred can also mean jealousy because in it for Freudians the sexual wish is hidden to show it to the competitor sometimes. Many psychologists interpret the death in the dream in such a way that one wants to forget in the awake life (or had to go) what a being close person has done to one - 'sponge about that!' says the unconscious. We believe that with the death also a mental maturation process takes place which will affect favourably the character of the dreamer and his relation to his environment.


Somebody dreamt, it says him one: 'Have no fear that you will die, but can also not live you.' The man went blind, while the face came true quite of course and consistently in him, - then in this respect he stayed alive, he had not died, however, he did not live, in so far as he could not see the light.



  • see somebody: durable friendship with friends, - also: you lose a good friend,
  • even: a long life before himself have. (47, - 61)

(European ones).:

  • with something clear up or finally end finish want, - one is internal with a thing if one dies of it in the dream, - also: it threatens a bad person of a person who contributed once to the rise and joy of life,
  • fear to have to die: the disregard of the business matters will lead to business losses, - also illnesses threaten,
  • are dying: in one takes place just a mental maturation process which one will soon ascertain also in the reality in himself
  • even: indicates at a long life, - is valid also as a reminder for filing of bad habits, - also: one will make to an empty promise,
  • others see dying: as well as own friends no luck will be gave in all situations,
  • free-living wild animals in the death pangs observe: one will escape from bad influence,
  • domestic animals see dying: if is a bad omen.


  • others see: you will receive good news,
  • even: long life.
(See also grave, corpse, death and other symbols which hang together with the death)

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