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In general:

Stilt warns about vanity and selfoverestimation, one thereby comes easily to case.


Stilts are strapped down on the feet and hinder thus the movement. To run in the dream on stilts illness or a life forecasts away from home. But to ignore also to itself others to be futile and haughty, the dream can mean.


If one believes to himself stilts to have strapped on, it means to criminals binding, - then stilts are fixed, as everybody knows, on the feet and change the free way, - to all others it prophesies for same reasons illness or a life away from home.



  • see run on it or running: you will begin something dangerous, - also: you want to be admired.

(European ones).:

    you do not annoy
  • damage by haughty appearance and danger with risqué enterprises, - your partner by imagination, you could regret it, - favorable views for children,
  • on stilts run: the luck stands on ramshackle legs,
  • of the stilts fall or under himself breaking down: one is embarassed, because one trusts other too much.


  • see: is not so futile.

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