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Association: - Essence, - elementary, - firmness. Question: - Which part of me is firm and impenetrable?

In general:

Stone can stand in the dream for stability and durability, but also for feeling loss. Hewing a stone shows the attempt to create a lasting monument or to release a state from his solidification. Stone can indicate as rock obstacles which one must overcome. Often he also symbolises cruelty, coldness or hatred. If one breaks stones, success should promise after Old-Indian dream interpretation by hard work. One interprets precious stones like jewels. If one is pelted with stones, people badly talk about one. If one does it himself, one himself talks without reason badly about others. Sometimes it also announces a trip, because who is pelted with stones, runs away of course.


Stone or stones as a dream symbol can have many meanings. If a stone is smashed, this is valid as a symbol for a heavy injury. If the dreaming regards himself in his dream as fossilized, this points out to the fact that his positions are hardened. If he is stoned to death, the dreaming suffers from feelings of guilt and must punish himself for failure.


At the spiritual level stone in the dream symbolises the immortality and indestructibility of the highest reality.


Somebody with stones pelt meant, one will defame another, - are pelted with stones prophesied to a self-Verlästerungen from on the part of an another, - the stones resemble because shameless and cantankerous speeches. Often the Beworfenwerden with stones indicates a trip, - then that who is stoned to death, the width must look of course. If many are of the stoning to death, it brings according to experience only to the people luck who live on the large amount. (In today's Greece the throwing of stones is usual as an expression of the invective and Verfluchung. If with Artemidor the dream to be pelted with stones calls a trip or an Except country walking, a Reminiszens is given here indeed to the custom of the stoning and expulsion of the Pharmakos, the 'scapegoat' as he is known to us by the party of the attisch-Ionic Thargelia.)



  • see or carry: difficult enterprises stand to you in view, - point to person, spiritually consider are, - also: a secret will hard press on the soul if one does not entrust with it a being close person,
  • see in a stone quarry: against the stiff sense more different successfully fight,
  • on the street see lying: Check whether you do not have to construct something where you saw up to now only demolition. Up to now probably you have passed good opportunities.
  • stones heap: a new luck blossoms for you,
  • lift: you plan something bad person,
  • find: a big disappointment in the love,
  • sort: you search the smaller evil,
  • go: you want to be founded a house,
  • throw: you are in high spirits and search quarrel,
  • see buckling with stones: To strife harvest, because one has done somebody to wrong,
  • are pelted with it: one tries to suspect you,
  • knock: you must perform hard work,
  • see smashing or smash: You cannot reach the impossible,
  • on the head agree: a danger lurks for you,
  • eat: heavy times are to be expected.

(European ones).:

  • see: one will get to do it with a pigheaded person, - countless difficulties and misses, - angry discussions,
  • prophesy a difficult enterprise, -
  • go for a walk between rock or stones: own way will be uneven and rough for a while,
  • break: good chances to earn money,
  • act with ore-bearing rock: now after failure in several branches one will be successful on business, - the business yields no profit, one will experience disappointments, - one feels by the end of the business great fear, then one will buy to something for himself profitable or sell.
  • small stones or pebble stones: small worries or nuisances disturb to one,
  • throw one: one will be angry at the stubbornness of another, - one will make somebody legitimately to reproaches,
  • want to throw at a cantankerous person: a misfortune will not enter,
  • many throw: one has done wrong to a person, and now, therefore, one harvests an amount of strife,
  • are pelted with one: one is himself a hardhead,
  • chop up one: one will put through his will,
  • on the street see lying: one should build up something what already does, was checked off or was broken off, one has passed the good opportunity up to now and has lain down 'stones in the way'.


  • break: you can be contented,
  • clarifies: Respect and fame,
  • see: Illness,
  • go about that: Hardship and suffering,
  • throw with it: you will incite quarrel,
  • hew: the wage for your salaries will not be missing,
  • see starting to a building: push open your enterprises no longer.
(See also precious stones, rock, jewels, gravel, minerals)

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