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Stone quarry

In general:

If a dream of a stone quarry acts, this indicates to look in the depths of the personality and positive knowledge of which the dreaming disposes to expose. Dream symbols stand often in connection with the childhood or with the past experiences. Possibly they lie and now must be buried in the consciousness be lifted.


As a dream place a tip that one should 'break open' a fossilized position - otherwise soon mean other, one would have 'a heart of stone'.


At this level the stone quarry stands in the dream for a spiritual search which possibly requires it that the dreaming works knowledge laboriously.



  • you finds a good source of income.

(European ones).:

  • is in one and worker see: one will make headway by hard work,
  • a closed one: promises misses, disappointments and often the death,
  • hineinfallen and are able not more out: serious difficulties are to be expected.


  • you will attain possession.

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