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In general:

If a dream of stealing acts, this lets assume that the dreaming takes something without permission. Besides, it can concern love, money or opportunities. If somebody robs the dreaming, he feels maybe cheated. If the thief is a friend, the dreaming must find out, in which mass he to him trusted. If it concerns with the thief a stranger, it probably is rather about a part of itself to which the dreaming does not trust. If he himself belongs to a gang of thieves, he should look at the morality images of his sphere and think over.


Stealing is a very very emotional word, and it depends on the background of the dreaming how he feels immoderate behaviour. The dream symbol stealing appears if an according to feeling charged discussion takes place. An emotionally 'destitute' person can maybe have the feeling that he steals affection.


At the spiritual level stealing in the dream means the wrong application of energy. On every plane of consciousness a certain strength is available to the person who points and must be properly used. Thus, for example, black magic could be interpreted as a stealing.


Stealing brings to nobody luck, excluded to people who want to cheat others, - the old people said because instead of 'cheat' also 'steal'. The greater or more valuably or more guarded the object is to which stielt, even greater is the danger which waits his. Quite of course this dream face books the dreaming with the same punishments which cover the law on the thief.



  • something: your action manner will excite big displeasure, - also: you make easy the life to for yourself.

(European ones).:

  • is valid for poverty and disgrace,
  • see stealing or other with: if misfortune and the loss of the character,
  • promises
  • are robbed: meant favorable transactions,
  • of the theft are accused: one is misunderstood in a matter, - however, finally, one will find out that these advantages bring,
  • to one
  • others accuse: one will treat a person with rash recklessness.


  • you will lose something, - you will have failures.
(See also of employees, thief, money)

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