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medicine wheel:

Key words: Deafening, - arranges dreams, - Hallucinogenic. Description: The usual Stechapfel or, as the plant with her botanical name is called, Datura stramoniu belongs to the family of the Solanaceae and seems worldwide above all on wasteland. The Stechapfel is a one-year-old plant which can grow up to 1.20 metres, white or violet blossoms has and a hard capsule which contains a poppy-like seed, Datura. Datura is a narcotic which also serves as Hallucinogenic and as an aid for dream activity. With abuse the material can look deadly. The natives North America, Central America and South America have Datura to the causation of hallucinations and to the fight against rheumatic tables discomfort and the swells linked with it angewandet. Some Indian's trunks should also have used Datura to reduce contractions. Furthermore Datura was given by smaller operations, with the cleaning by wounds or while straightening of bone as a painkiller. General meaning: Your wish recognise to penetrate deeper into the dream time, - a readiness, to have more coloured and more intensive dreams than in the past, - in any manner the redemption of pains. Association: Toxic apple. Transcendent meaning: An ally from the plant empire who can support you with the dream. However, the things, like with all hallucinogenic, could be different than they seem, - therefore, it is important to find out whether the plant liked to help you or whether she wants to lead you behind the light.



  • Trusting not to all people.

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