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Star (bird, ocular star, film star)

medicine wheel:

Key words: Sociably, - chatty, - attacker. Description: Starlings are brown to black birds with a metallically shimmering plumage, - originally they come from Europe and were introduced from there in the United States. In some areas they have increased so strongly that they attack in masses and other birds from her hereditary district expel. One can see crowds of starlings also about towns way there aviation and hear, because they are no melodic singers, but only shrill shout. General meaning: Somebody who penetrates into your territory, - you penetrate into the territory of another. Association: Star - size possibly in the film or pop music branch. Transcendent meaning: Knowledge about a part of itself which is ready for the fight, whatever your aim may be, - the part of itself which is ready to protect you against attacks by others.

In general:

These birds appear with pleasure in big number. So they mostly mean the gatherings of people to which the dreaming must expose himself. Moreover, he admonishes not to be so loquacious and naive-trusting.


Mostly it is not the bird him is meant, but the striving for applause and fame.


Starlings mean the national amount, poor people and a dreadful mess. They prophesy the other storm.



  • starlings and swallows mean war people, also birds who eat grasshoppers.
  • the emperor will send
  • traps these birds in crowds in a country one where there are grasshoppers to his rescue and help according to the amount of birds war people, - the birds have flown in not because of the grasshoppers, but damage them the trees of the area, an enemy will occur there and everything lay waste according to the damage which the birds caused.
  • of causing them no damage in the country and it is not the time of the harvest, will cross an amount of people, but cause no damage. Generally these birds mean an amount of people for each.
  • hear see one or singing: you will be glad about news sincerely,
  • see flying: a wedding is prepared,
  • on a tree: Tratschereien in the house,
  • eye disease: your vanity annoys to you next ones.

(European ones).:

  • in the winds: pleasant news of distant relatives, - also announces settlement of disputes.
  • bird: one should not make so much gossip,
  • eye disease: one will agree about some certainty,
  • stages or film fame: one is strongly done by carelessness.


  • in the eye: Klatscherei,
  • see the bird: one will want to betray you, - one verklatscht you.
(See also film star, actor)

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