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In general:

If a dream of a town acts, particularly if it concerns a town which the dreaming knows, this is a tip to community or the affiliation to a group. Town often expresses the need for sociability and change. The provincial town can also promise good shops, the city against it symbolises restlessness and worries. How many other dreams also, so this explanation also gives about what the dreaming concerning his spiritual and social surroundings longs for. An animated town maybe shows the wish for social exchange. A deserted town suggests that the dreaming of his person feels gone over and in isolation.


The picture of the town is as the house a sign for the emotional area of the dreaming, however, in the enlarged sense. The discussion with his environment is meant with this vision rather. The town had a female aspect in former times. Hence, in the dream she can also appear a sort of collective mother. A town ordinarily has a core municipality, - the dreaming sometimes shows his job or his professional like private chances in this manner in his dream. In nightmares one translates this vision as the fear to lose usual protection from Unbill (wrong). In many of such dreams the tense nerves of the dreaming are reflected which threaten to tear in the awake life if he does not undertake on time something against this state of the concern and the internal restlessness.


A spiritual community to which the dreaming belongs can be shown with a town.


What concerns further the towns, it is better, less well these are the home ones, like home towns or those in which one has spent happy times to look as others, - to look foreign or unknown ones. All together it is a sign of good premeaning to see them all populated, well administered, fully blossoming wealth and in the possession all his one what expresses size or luck of a town. Against it it means nothing good, towns leave or destroyed to see, these may be home or foreign ones. However, it means the home towns also the parents. Thus, e.g., one dreamt, his father's town sinks by an earthquake in remains, - his father was sentenced to death and perished thus.



  • see at a distance: obtrusive admirers will bother you,
  • big ones: you will collect world experiences, - also: are taken up by all possible things and people and, besides, must use a lot of energy to do justice to the made demands,
  • small ones see: you look after middle-class views,
  • see a small one which makes a friendly impression: concludes by good progress in the occupation if one does not raise his claims to,
  • see building: you will become glad and happy,
  • build: you have big plans,
  • with many pileworks: you will begin a wonderful enterprise, - also: you will make yourself independent,
  • go in the town: you will hear a lot of new,
  • live in it: you are fed up with the land life,
  • look: you gather with interesting people,
  • leave: you need rest urgently,
  • go through a big town: troubled times are in the suit.

(European ones).:

  • one longs for being able to experience sociability in bigger measure,
  • of wide ones see: contained ambitions,
  • enter one: the ambitions are realised successfully,
  • big ones see or walk through their streets: is valid for a worried life,
  • are in a foreign one: a painful event will require a change of the life style,
  • a small pretty one: luck-promising, - a peaceful and cosy time, with good professional views promises without all hectic rush if one keeps away from Klatschereien,
  • with many pileworks: one will be able to look in the next time after the future independency,
  • it is
  • for the country dweller a warning before dangerous ambitions,
  • for the town-dweller means it going well shops and profit,
  • see the heavenly town: if signals satisfaction and a devout setting, grief can wear nothing.


  • big ones: Joy and pleasure, - small ones: good shops.
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