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medicine wheel:

Key words: Protection, - gentleness, - slowly, - not aggressively, - value, - vulnerability, - Unbesiegbarkeit. Description: A porcupine is a small, slow, with an impressive aggregation of stings reinforced animal. If you once the opportunity have to observe how a porcupine moves slowly by the wood, then you will recognise that it has no wish to injure others. Although porcupines carry more than 30,000 stings on the back and in the flanks, her belly is soft and unprotected. The stings are an appendage which serves if necessary the protection. Porcupines would have to come close to an opponent very much to be able to use her stings effectively. If these have penetrated first of all into skin parts, they can be removed only hard again. In the past the stings were processed by trunks close to the earth to jewellery and to baskets. General meaning: The clear knowledge, as you protect yourself from menaces of all kind. Association: - Transcendent meaning: Gift of ostensible Unbesiegbarkeit, - understanding of your vulnerability.

In general:

Porcupine should announce traditionally a good acquaintance.



  • you is sometimes rough, however, is soft in the heart,
  • see coming up to himself: feel mockery and travesty put out.

(European ones).:

  • a warning, with anybody not to be sour who will strive to make you ridiculous, - also: can mean that one faces to new enterprises and friendship from the start negative, - difficulties in business interests,
  • a dead one: if the end of mismanagement announces,
  • it is
  • with a young woman a sign that she is afraid of her lover.


  • see: you will make the acquaintance of a comedian.

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