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Barbed wire

In general:

Barbed wire warns about love affairs which can endanger a marriage very strongly.


To be surrounded in a dream of barbed wire, points to the fact that the dreaming is hindered by the abusive remarks which come either from himself or from other dream figures in making headway. It is also a symbol for a graphic demarcation - who wants to break through them, gets the stings to feel. What is called in the Symbolsprache of the dream: Risk better no 'border crossings' in the feeling area - it could hurt.



  • you is not able at the moment further, if it waits, - also: you must practice patience for long time, until the difficulties disappear by itself. also: your love is not answered.

(European ones).:

  • see: one takes pleasure with the other gender of special popularity or has more than one admirers or female admirers,
  • get stuck in one or injure themselves: one nibbles in several dear blossoms at the same time.
(See also wire, sting)

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