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In general:

Gooseberry can announce quarrel in a love relationship, - in women's dreams she should point after altindischen dream books to an unfriendly husband.



  • many see: indicate at argumentative people before whom one must take in eight, - also: one wants to have nothing to do with you,
  • see one: one will marry an argumentative partner, - (7, - 13)
  • pick or eat: one will be got involved in a dear matter which brings annoyance.

(European ones).:

  • quarrel and quarrel in the house,
  • for man, - see: either one already has a rather cantankerous woman or will marry one,
  • for woman, - see: one is not contented with the husband, or he is rather argumentative,
  • collect or pick and sell: finally, you will be able to get engaged after long waiting and hesitation, - promises sweet dear wage for patient enduring, - after heavy times are properly covered with luck, - future business matters will flourish,
  • greens eat: one will soon commit a serious mistake and must reckon on coming to the gossip, - misfortune or a bad exit always prophesy.


  • see (for woman): you get an unfriendly man,
  • eat: you have argumentative people in your surroundings.

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