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In general:

If one was stung in the dream of an insect: Does this one enemy or an event explain in the life? The sting could hurt emotionally: Has somebody injured to one? Is it the sting of the conscience? If one felt fear or loathing in the dream, one tries to produce to a 'real' danger in the awake life. Sting often appears with people who incline to it, exaggerated against the claims to rebel of the contemporaries, - they are warned about the reactions of the others. Also: The dreaming takes care at the spiritual level too much of smoothness. This makes him though unassailable, but also dull. At the same time he wants to persuade other people to do things which they do not want to do. Sometimes he also has sexual meaning.


The 'sting in the meat' is valid as a symbol for a painfully felt, consuming desire in a passionate erotic respect and the stress on 'suffer' lies. Really women often dream of a thorn or sting which they have drawn to themselves, in accordingly 'painful' phases of a respect in which sexual dependence plays a role.


At the spiritual level the sting in the dream symbolises a disagreeable, under circumstances the painful experience which rescues, however, still big learning potential.



  • see: bitterness threatens by a harsh disappointment, - you cannot forget an insult,
  • wound themselves in it or damage his clothes: bad people will annoy you and injure by her remarks, - also: small Liebeszänkereien.

(European ones).:

  • sexual dream and perversions are not excluded, - Widerwärtigkeiten with enterprises, - grief and care,
  • injure themselves in one: he or they waits longingly,
  • wound by barbed wire or such: promises for single dear luck, - for married lovesickness,
  • see: if a recalcitrant taming promises.


  • see or scratch: Dear luck.
(See also wire, rose)

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