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Stick (Put, floor)

medicine wheel:

Key words: Power, - spirituality, - direct connection, - divides generosity, - understand truth, - compensatory. Description: A stick exists of wood or of other materials and is more slender and is not so long as a floor. The baton of a conductor is a stick, as well as also a sceptre a stick of the authority is. There are many stories about magic wands which were used by fairies and other Wesenheiten of the old earth religions. General meaning: A time of deep connection with the forces of the creation, - tools receive which allows to you to use your energy more powerfully. It is important to ascertain which kind of stick it concerns and how he consists whether he is decorated with stones, plant parts or, for example, with fur and which colour he has. How do you hold him, and what you touch with it? All this will make clear to you which gift you have received. Association: Phallic symbol, - stick - management committee with the military. Transcendent meaning: Gift of the magic.

In general:

A stick for the purposes of a floor or a staff symbolises support which the dreaming either needs or owns. It is his job to get clarity about that which of both possibilities applies. Stick (Put, floor) can appear as a phallic symbol for sexual needs. Other meanings arise from the following accompanying circumstances:
  • stick see points to unreliability.
  • on the stick support warns against counting on others.
  • with a floor are hit indicates that somebody wants to take revenge for one.
  • broken stick should point to quarrel or infidelity.


The stick has very different meanings in the dream. It can be a picture for fertility and life if he looks similar to a tree stick. However, with him aggressions or Bad can be also repulsed in themselves. If the stick seems in terms of magic wand in the dream, he has the meaning that miracles are caused. However, in many dreams he also seems as a symbol for a phallisches ruling symbol. The stick in the dream can symbolise the 'peregrination and trips' which the dreaming must undertake in his life. As a magic wand he represents magic strength.


The stick is a symbol of the power and the knowledge of invisible things. At the spiritual level the stick in the dream with beginning of the trip is a prop and at her end a sign of the authority.



  • see: you get a valuable advice,
  • use: Health and well-being,
  • see going for themselves in one: one has a good behaviour and is called, weiterzuschreiten where one has still hesitated up to now.

(European ones).:

  • sexual symbol, - dream, particularly from women experienced,
  • see: warns about the unreliability more different,
  • with one go: one has a good internal guidance and should go on exactly where one has recently hesitated or has paused,
  • rest on one: somebody on one believed to be able to count, will fail,
  • with one are hit: one becomes, earns or undeserved, a lesson get, - also: one wants to take revenge for somebody,
  • break one: if means a disagreement or a quarrel with a being close person,
  • cricket sticks by upset switch off: meant a new friendship which is closed within high walls and near the water.


  • see: the lover becomes disloyal to you.
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