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Though we spit - toi, toi, toi - three times on the lotto slip of paper to draw magically the luck, - however, nevertheless, the dream figure which spits at somebody also in the awake life is no fine person. She is ready rather any time to place with insults and defamation other in a bad light. If the dreamer himself is that which spits, he should go to himself and bring his character immediately on another rail, otherwise he will jump the track in the everyday cooperation certainly.


(European ones).:

  • admonishes to spare more his health in the most own interest, - an unhappy end of promising plans tells in,
  • are spitted: meant luck and success, - also: there argue to each other leant towards people,
  • others spit: meant annoyance and capital loss.


  • even: master your rage, he brings only bad luck to you.
(See also saliva)

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