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In general:

The act of the jumping can be equivocal in the dream: Can jump up the attempt explain to reach something better in the life, - can jump down mean that the dreaming descends in his unconscious. Right away can hop joy symbolise, - it has a similar meaning like dancing. Jumping (jump) often asks to use courageously a chance or to overcome obstacles, - fear of the risk can be connected with it. Maybe is also expressed in the fact that one should jump in a matter about own shade.


Recurring movements of every kind refer in the dream as a rule to the fact that the dreaming should think about what he does, and maybe another kind of self-printout must find. If the dreaming hops right away, this can mean that he is caught in a situation and does not have the strength to retrogress to himself before or. Who jumps in the dream about an obstacle, that will master in the awake life an important matter which just occupies him. Who will get, however, in a little bit hineinspringt (in the water or in a pit), in a danger situation from which he can escape only laboriously.


In some countries rhythmical jumping is means to get in ecstasy. It shows a way to handle the physical and to reach in this manner the spiritual faster.



  • The time is bad, you should undertake nothing,
  • about a fence: Adultery,
  • from the window: Quarrel and annoyance,
  • in the water: you will shake off your worries,
  • about a ditch: Reconciliation with old friends,
  • about hurdles: View of a quick transportation,
  • about an obstacle: escape from a bad situation.

(European ones).:

  • one will escape a menacing danger by courage,
  • about an obstacle: you will defeat all difficulties,
  • about an object: one will be successful, - besides, fall: disagreeable events will make the life almost unbearably,
  • about hurdles jump: one has good views of a professional transportation,
  • about ditches or hedges: what may also come, one will get to overcome all obstacles,
  • of a wall jump down: meant thoughtless speculations and disappointment in the love.


  • of The width of a jump corresponds the width of a trip. If one jumps with the help of a stick, calls of these one mighty aristocrats, - with support the dreamer will undertake a trip and have big pleasure, - one braces itself in the jumping on a column, he will rest on his wealth and make a voyage, - he explains the jump with the help of an iron stick, he will attain more lasting wealth, the heavier the stick is.
  • see somebody: you worry to yourself,
  • in the water: one will deceive you,
  • about a ditch: Freeing from debts.
(See also 'Bungee-Jump', 'parachute', 'pit', 'jump', 'wall')

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