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Association: - Communication, - communication. Question: - What do I say myself? What is I to be expressed ready? With whom or what want I to step in communication?

In general:

If in the dream people speak, this refers to the ability of the dreaming to communicate. He can express clearly what he feels and thinks. Moreover in the awake state the dreaming lacks maybe too much self-assurance. Language (speech) indicates the need for social contacts, knew in particular by the wish, from others and how to be recognised.


Maybe the dreaming has the fear that one listens to him not properly, - this fear can be expressed if he hears speaking in the dream another dream figure. Less the words themselves matter than rather the sense of the said.


At the spiritual level speech in the dream possibly means extrasensory communication.



  • with somebody: you find out a news,
  • hear: you should be quiet more.

(European ones).:

  • means: the fact that that what you speak will arrive if it does not lie within the scope of your occupation or business. If you inform another of something about your own occupation, the dream concerns the people to whom you speak - also: means that one will soon get to know from the illness of a relative, - professional problems stand in a queue,
  • somebody hear speaking loudly: one is accused to interfere with the affair more different,
  • think that is spoken of one: it threatens an illness and the envy more different.


  • want: Excitement,
  • loudly: you are give,
  • hear: you will visit a society.
(See also mind, ghost)

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