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Spinning fabric / spider net


Spider net can be interpreted as spider. In particular cases a too narrow mother's connection or other relations by which one is hindered in the selfdevelopment is expressed in it. Sometimes they point to a relation which one should put out to no big pull test. Who wanders in the dream to webs, is in the awake life unthinking and stays with little things.



  • see: one tries to ensnare you.


  • a good omen: It initiates a time in which the dreaming is richly recompensed for his efforts. He should remain with his plans and take to himself till the end the greatest possible trouble. Then times of rich harvest wait for him. (Man

(European ones).:

  • one wants to draw a secret out of you, if it keeps for you, - also: if pleasing relations and enterprises,
  • symbolise
  • see: between himself and other spun tender threads or soon to be spun ones one should keep secret before foreign eyes, because they can be destroyed usually easily, - also: one would like to take in you,
  • destroy: one will destroy by inattentiveness between himself and other spun tender threads, - also: triumph about an enemy.


  • destroy: Separation of the home,
  • see: you will be got involved in a disagreeable thing.
(See also spider)

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