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Spinning wheel / spin (in the spinning wheel)

In general:

Spiders (spinning wheel) indicates the wish for security in a cosy family life.


If it in the dream nimbly schurrt, one would like to bring on quick something which is useful to own family or also one itself. Who sees working the way up in the spinning wheel with which something probably starts up which will strongly still occupy him in the awake life.



    he will have
  • Spining of a wool of sheep or goat hair or hemp, a work which normally men do so much profit and profit of how the work introduces with it.
  • Spining he cotton or flax, he will be humiliated and be insulted because this women's work is, maybe he will also go on travelling, but have of it only damage.
  • Having a woman this face, will see again them her man who is away from home. If it seems to them that she cuts in two the spun with the spider, her husband who is away from home will come home late, - drops of the Wirtel from the spindle, it will be separated from her man, by the death or for any other reason.
  • see spining: your people will please you by diligence,
  • spin: is sparing and diligent, - business success,
  • it might become
  • Dreaming a woman of a spinning wheel, a good housewife or get a good man. (80, - 83)

(European ones).:

  • for a man, one see: if an event tells in, be fast past, one, however, will still occupy long, - nuisance and strain, - new acquaintances can turn out as not trustworthy,
  • for a woman, one see: one becomes a good housewife or gets a good husband.


  • you will be contented in your marriage, - pleasant family life,
  • see spinning wheel: Luck by diligence.

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