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Playing cards

In general:

Playing cards lift in the dream the ability of the dreaming to be open in accordance with favorable opportunities and to pack chances with the shock of hair. The figures as well as the combination of the maps in the play can matter. Heart stands for feelings and love relationships. Square represents material prosperity. Spades show conflicts, difficulties and obstacles. Cross symbolises actions, work and intelligence. The king embodies success and mastery of the person, the queen emotional depth, sensitivity and understanding. The jack stands for impulsiveness, creativity and adolescent energy.


Playing cards in the dream can be looked as a symbol for taken risks and warn the dreaming about possible danger. It can be that you do not take life that seriously enough. One can master not all problems and duties of the life playfully. However, maybe the dream is just one recollection of stimulating hours with friends, then it is a harmless and friendly dream.


At the spiritual level above all tarot maps can be an effigy of the internal truth and be used sensibly as a supplement to the dream work.


(European ones).:

  • with other play together as the pastime: finally, hopes which have given impetus to a long time will come true, - small bad luck will resolve,
  • play for money: one will come to serious difficulties,
  • lose with the card game: one will meet enemies,
  • win with the card game: one will justify himself in the eyes of the law, - however, this will be connected with problems,
  • in parlour games means: Square
= prosperity, - cross = points to the fact that your life partner is demanding, - one could have difficulties to explain to him now and again the absence, - heart = stands for loyalty and cosy surroundings, - spades = register that you are a widow and with a big reduction are loaded, -
  • the lady in the card game: Heart lady promises a lot of luck in the love, - square lady promises a change of location or change, - spades lady stand for grief, - cross lady announces financial problems by a woman,
  • to spades appearing: one is tempted into follies which bring to a grief,
  • a player believes
  • , spades are trumps: unfavorable shops will curtail his profits.
  • Dreaming a young woman, her lovers plays cards, she should question his good intentions.
(See also plays, figures)

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