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Association: - Carelessness, - joy. Question: - Where in my life I wish more playful ease?

In general:

If the dreaming is involved in his dream in any play, in the end, this play stands always for the life itself. If he is in the dream a good or successful player, this shows that he finishes his living conditions well. If he badly plays, he must think over his abilities maybe anew and find out in which area he should still increase his achievements to have grown better of his job. Dreams of plays also try to draw the attention to how one in the life handle with competitors and whether one is a good or bad loser. Has one supported in the dream the players, or has one cheated intentionally, but with feelings of guilt? The dream could comment on a mental play which one plays in the reality to win a dear partner, or, however, he refers to the commercial life and to own behaviour against competitors. Does the dream maybe stimulate that one should take the life more seriously (or lighter) when one does it really? Lotteries and other games of chance warn about disappointments and losses.


Plays are also settled in the dream in the entertainment and society area. These symbols have multiple meanings. Sometimes they point out the dreaming to display more ease, however, they can warn the other way round also about light warmth and superficiality. If several people take part in the dream in the play, this is a sign for the contact difficulties which the dreaming should overcome. Childish plays are pictures for the fear of the ageing or for the longing for the carefree nature of the childhood. Certain plays, as for example football, basketball, handball or volleyball, are for many people an important possibility to identify with a 'trunk' or a group of people. Because these team's sports 'false fights' are, they can be a healthy valve for aggressions. They make clear in which kind the dreaming acquires his identity feeling and how he behaves in the group. Board games like chess or lady whom strategies and strength of thought require convey an idea of to the dreaming how he should think ahead in a certain situation. A dream of a play could be a tip to the dreaming to show more playful risk readiness.


At the spiritual level play or plays stands in the dream for the ritualized fights between two opposite forces.



  • win: your flirtations will not make happy you,
  • lose: unexpected frustration, - annoyance and boredom,
  • take pleasure in it: good times approach,
  • with children: happy hours in view,
  • with animals: you have good and loyal friends,
  • with maps: your luck is unsteady, - also: indicates at trite habits, - one is in the spell of a passion which drains one,
  • with cubes: you risk too much,
  • with and around money: one is on the care before deception and quarrel,
  • in the lottery: Dishonesty and quarrel experience,


  • symbolises In general it the play of the life or also the playful element in the life. It is not essential whether the concerning person won in the dream or lost, but whether she had pleasure in the play or not, because victories and defeats can be very subjective criteria. Joy in a play promises the close of good times, annoyance or boredom stand for annoyance or boredom in the next future. The dreaming should try to play seriously, to look at the life as a serious, but playfully, adaptably and creatively play to be pursued and never to suffer from the life.

(European ones).:

  • carelessness and wrong setting do not lead to the aim,
  • pleasure plays arrange: Luck, joy and pleasant,
  • take part in it: if danger announces by carelessness,
  • win: if misfortune brings in the love,
  • lose: is called that one becomes clever by damage,
  • card games and such watch: Profit and joy,
  • card games and such play: one takes seriously a harmless thing terribly,
  • card games in general: one maintains rather trite habits or is caught in the spell of a passion which only consumes,
  • pleasure, securities, ball game outside and the like: one becomes teased and are made a fool of,
  • craps: by carelessness or bad advice more different one will suffer a sensitive loss,
  • billiards: a desired meeting with somebody bumps into big difficulties,
  • entertainment play with reflexion or skill, board game, dominoes, ball play and the like: with the friend or the lovers difficulties or differences tell themselves in,
  • play in the lottery: one must prepare for dishonesty and looks after in addition still big illusions,
  • games of chance: bring a disappointment which is not worth the annoyance,
  • with money play: sends a reminder to the care, deception and annoyance are in advance.


  • in the lottery: Deception, quarrel and loss,
  • with his wife: many children,
  • with children: domestic luck,
  • play, for money: Quarrel and quarrel,
  • besides,
  • win: you will get enemies,
  • lose: one mocks you,
  • with maps: you will come to temptation,
  • see: Idleness.
(See also doll, playing cards)

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