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Association: - Picture, - identity. Question: - Which part by me is reflected? What is to be seen I am ready?

In general:

If a dream of a mirror acts, this shows that the dreaming is procured around his self-image. He attacks worries what other about him could think, and as a result must check himself whether he reflects to the outside an authentic picture. If one sees himself in it, one should investigate himself more exactly to reach to the self-knowledge, while the blind one or the jumped mirror warns about a wrong self-portrait. Fear of the ageing or around the health stands possibly behind the dream symbol also.


In the fairy tale the mirror has a magic meaning, this is similar also in the dream. If he appears in the dream action, it is anyway an esteem signal on which should be exactly entered. As the mirror shows the face of the dreaming in the reality, it is in the dream the mirror for the soul. He often shows unaware sides of the dreaming before which this can also frighten, perhaps. However, it can be also necessary that the dreaming recognises these shadow sides. Therefore, reflecting dreams should be followed always thoroughly and be analysed. He seems not too often in the vision because this itself is often a reflexion of the deliberate life and experience. The Egyptians ascribed to dreams in which a mirror seemed, death or evil because one in reflected picture 'beside oneself' is, the soul in the not tangible opponent has slipped. Modern interpreters of dreams pick out something else: The dreamer looking in the mirror feels side-wrong and finds the way back with it to himself, - but he attaches like with the photograph retouchings which are necessary to correct his internal and external appearance for the environment to the better. If the dreaming looks in his dream in the mirror, this can also mean that he tries to recognise what happens behind his back, without present people note this. Maybe the dreaming also worries because of his behaviour in the past to himself and must think about what he has said or has acted. If the reflexion is distorted, it is difficult for him to understand himself. If it speaks with him, the dreaming should hear exactly on his internal which turns on this way to him.


At the spiritual level the mirror refers in the dream to that self-knowledge whose basis is wisdom.


Is to be considered itself in the mirror and to be found in it his picture similar for a marrying, for a man like for a woman, from good premeaning, - the reflexion means a woman, the woman a man to the man because it shows the faces, how this to each other the children. Blessing brings it also from grief to afflicted people, - then only if one is free of grief, one takes a mirror to the hand. Suffer against it it heaps away, - then a mirror is earthly, uninterested from what material he is worked. It arranges the remaining people to leave the native country, so that they see again in a foreign country. If his effigy seems to one in the mirror unlikely, one will award him the fatherhood of illegitimate or foreign children. Nothing good brings it if one looks to himself worse or more nastily in the mirror, - it means illnesses and bad mood, just as Itself in the water depicting to the dreaming or one of his narrowest members the death prophesies.



  • see: indicates at breakable things which one has to preserve from damage,
  • largely: it is important to become clear about itself, - also: Fame and success,
  • small: one observes you secretly,
  • with golden frame: your property grows,
  • have a look in it: indicates with a healthy person at glad hope, - with sick people on death, - also: the surroundings see different than one sees himself,
  • break: you must bury many hopes,
  • broken: big annoyance and frustration,
  • with golden frame: Prosperity.


  • Finding somebody a mirror and considers itself in it, his brother will be as nice and exquisite because of the resemblance of the reflexion like the mirror.
  • Being of the mirrors full verdigris, the brother of the dreaming disgrace on himself will load or, has latter nobody, his best friend.
  • Seeming it him, he cleans the mirror, he will reprimand them and release brother or friend from the flaw.
  • Breaking of the mirrors, he is stolen or he gets lost, he will lose brother or friend by the death.
  • Finding he another mirror, the persons concerned will stay alive or he will find other friends or comrades.

(European ones).:

  • is valid as a symbol of the self-knowledge by which admonitions are symbolised, - the attempt to come with itself to the pure one fails or leads to knowledge, - a warning that not everything is in order, - care in business transactions, - on employee is no reliance, changes are to be advised, - the dear partner is not really loyal,
  • see: sends a reminder to the self-knowledge,
  • see a big one: Signs for quick fame or success,
  • for healthy: Joy and honour,
  • for sick people: a relapse,
  • clean: you should help others and stand,
  • see a blind one: one keeps for an angel,
  • see breaking somebody one: a disloyal friend will will try to damage you,
  • of broken mirrors: promises the sudden or forcible death of a being close person, - some annoyance will soon give a hard time to one,
  • break one: in a thing one is taught of a better,
  • see making: meant betrayal,
  • see themselves in one: a mistake recognise by himself or to such are pointed out, - the people have quite an other impression of one, than one of themselves, - also: it are to disappointment and illness on,
  • own picture in the mirror: if infidelity and disregard announces in the marriage as well as fruitless speculations,
  • see themselves and another face in the mirror: one will lead a double life and cheat his friends,
  • other look in a mirror: one is thoughtlessly treated,
  • animals in a mirror see: meant disappointment and property loss,
  • this is
  • Seeing a woman her husband in the mirror, a warning that she will have reason for the worry about her luck and her honour.
  • seen them her lover worried in a mirror, death or a distraught engagement stand in the house. If he seems happy, it comes to a passing estrangement.
  • one becomes
  • seen a woman other men than her man or partner in the mirror, her rash and indiscreet affair which is embarrassing for them and causes her related grief, discover.
  • then he will ruin
  • Seeing a man foreign women in the mirror, his health and his shops by imprudent relations,
  • Breaking a young woman a mirror, her unblessed friendship and an unhappy marriage are forecast.


  • see themselves in it: you will increase your shops.
(See also barber's mirror, picture, image, Take photos of)

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